Experienced guides and sponsors are two ingredients to successful climbs.

We're a 501c(3) nonprofit that raises money for breast cancer and MS research through climbing mountains around the world.

Become a partner and commit to donating a percentage of your company's sales to our cause, join one of our upcoming climbs or even host your own expedition. What you'll get:

  • Align your brand with a strong social mission

  • Website presence and social media mentions

  • Pro-deals on Patagonia branded gear

  • Help take a bite out of disease


Guides. They're the key to our education and safety. Get a bad one and you'll never climb again. Or maybe just lose a digit.

Ours use great euphemisms like "move with purpose now, we're in a high consequence area." Some can even rappel off a Snickers bar buried in the snow so that they don't have to leave an $80 ice screw behind.

So, what can you really expect from a guide? The professionals at Rare Earth Adventures are the people who handle all the nitty-gritty details of an adventure so that you can focus more on the landscapes and experiences (and less on fixing the stove.) They're also highly trained to keep you safe and respond to emergencies.

And… they take you to the best local breweries, get you off the beaten track, and share some hair-raising stories with you when you're windbound in a tent below the summit.

Corporate Sponsors


With over a quarter billion monthly listeners n the U.S., iHeartMedia has the largest reach of any radio or television outlet in America.

 iHeartMedia delivers music, news, talk, sports and other content across broadcast stations;  digital radio channels; satellite; smartphones; tablets; in-vehicle entertainment and navigation systems; and via live events. Advertise with us.


B'more Organic, makers of organic protein smoothies donates 1% of sales to Jodi's Climb for Hope. The inspiration for the company actually originated after a fundraising expedition climb in Iceland in 2010. Co-Founders Andrew and Jennifer Buerger fell in love with the Icelandic style yogurt called skyr (pronounced skeer) and it's health benefits of high protein and low sugar. They started making smoothies in their kitchen with simple organic ingredients with no added sugar, delivering to Earth Treks climbing gym in Baltimore. It was all downhill from there and now B'more Organic is sold in nearly 3,500 doors across the country. Every bottle makes a difference.

adVenturesAcademy unleashes the growth potential of high-impact enterprises and aligned investors, harnessing the power of adventure to deepen engagement, redefine diligence, and build resilient growth.

With the goal of deepening the engagement of entrepreneurs, investors, and the growth ecosystem surrounding courageous, game-changing enterprises, the adVenturesAcademy provides hands-on adventure training programs to unleash innovation, develop meaningful relationships between stakeholders, and cultivate key skills critical to success in building high growth, resilient enterprises.

Cider Cellars is America's leading importer of farmhouse ciders from the UK. We introduce Americans to the joy of tasting proper English farmhouse cider. In doing so, we aim to play a small in part preserving the natural beauty of Great Britain's countryside.

Place matters. Every cider we source is a unique expression of the land on which it was grown. By supporting craft producers, you help safeguard the future of ciders we love and the family farms and local growers who make them.

Ancient Organics is California's original artisan ghee-maker.  Grounded in Ayurveda and committed to supporting independent local organic dairy farms, we use traditional small-scale production to create a product of unparalleled quality, just like the ghee made millennia ago at the foot of the Himalaya.  Use Ancient Organics ghee for your high-heat cooking, your body care needs, and your pre-climb bulletproof coffee!


Join the superfat revolution and Eat Good Fat!  

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AdventurHER Travel is a woman-led company dedicated to getting more women outside, adventuring.

With a focus on introducing more women to outdoor adventure sports and teaching new skills, these vacation-style adventure trips build confidence, capability, and comfort in exciting outdoor pursuits like rock climbing, surfing, dog sledding, mountaineering and more.

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